Chartered Physiotherapist led Clinical Pilates has many benefits and is suitable for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Regular practice of Physio Pilates can:
  • Alleviate pain and discomfort

  • Tone and strengthen muscles especially the abdominals (“the core”)

  • Increase flexibility and agility

  • Improve posture and balance

  • Enhance mobility, energy and stamina

  • Aid relaxation and reduce stress and tension

  • Enhance sporting performance

  • Assist in injury recovery and rehabilitation

  • Promote resistance to injury

  • Ante and post natal fitness

  • Arthritis management

Clinical Pilates programmes involve several basic principles. They take time and practice to fully appreciate.
Here are some more detailed benefits of Physio Pilates:
  • Breathing is an integral part of Pilates exercises. The co-ordination of breathing control is vital for optimal recruitment strategies around the 'core'/abdominal area. Breath control can aid relaxation, and help you to move more efficiently.

  • Concerntration. The mental discipline to practice Pilates is difficult but rewarding. During Pilates exercises are focused on key area so substitution by larger movement or 'torque' producing muscles are avoided and movement is optimised. This concept reenforces the role of the deep abdominals (low load and endurance) which is vital for spinal health and fiunction.

  • Elongation and Core Control. Pilates exercises should be performed with a sense of length in your body. This elongation helps to create optimal space between joints and supporting tissues which helps prevent injury. The principle of 'centering' also aims at improving timing and quality of the spinal deep muscles.

  • Posture of the Head, Neck and Shoulders. Pilates focuses on stretching and strengthening the right balance of muscles to hold your head, neck and shoulders in the optimal position on your spine. Correct organization helps you to move safely, with less energy expenditure. Better postural awareness can help reduce pain and unneccessary tension in this region.

  • Spine Articulation. Many of the Pilates exercises encourage you to move through each segment of your spine so the load is shared throughout the whole spine. Often spinal problems occur because some segments are too stiff and some have too much movement. Spinal articulation exercises help you to gain awareness of the movement in all areas of your spine and work towards improving the quality and flow of that movement.

  • Flowing Percise Movments. This is one of the key principles of Pilates. The emphasias of exercise is smooth and efficient movement. Power and brute strength are not the aims. 'Smarter' executed exercises which minimise extraneous and wasted muscle activity is key to the concept of Clinical Pilates.

  • Alignment of Your Limbs and Spine. Pilates exercises help to increase your awareness of your arms and legs in relation to your trunk. Proper alignment and organization helps you gain safe, efficient movement in your body. Good alignment means there is less stress on your body and you move more efficiently.

  • Integration of Movement. The principles above all lead towards better integration of movement in your body. Pilates encourages the mind, body and spirit to move as one. Integration of mind and body enhance the exercises and helps integrate the principles into daily life and gives many people the confidence to explore movement opportunities without pain. Pilates is an enjoyable movement experience which heightens body awareness and helps us move our bodies more efficiently with greater ease and grace.

At Blackpool Physio Pilates Studio, all of our Pilates Instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists who are experts in the understanding of how the body works and in injury rehabilitation. As Chartered Physiotherapists we are required to remain up to date with the latest advances in spinal rehabilitation and research. We can therefore modify exercises to suit your individual needs and ability level. Our wide range of classes hopefully means you will find a class to suit you and that you will must importantly enjoy!!
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