One2One Pilates

We offer One2One Physio Pilates sessions at Blackpool Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.  One2One sessions allow us to individually assess your posture, core stability, flexibility and identify your specific areas that need improving. It also allows us to teach you the fundamental principles of Physio Pilates which makes it easier for you to progress when you attend our classes.
If you are experiencing any pain or have an injury it is strongly recommended that you attend an initial One2One screening with one of our Chartered Physiotherapists before enrolling in a class. We can then advise you if it is safe to attend a class and which class will be most suitable for you.  You may opt to continue with One 2 One sessions, particularly if you have recently undergone surgery or have moderate to severe lower back pain. Depending on your diagnosis/injury, our Chartered Physiotherapists may also advise One2One sessions as they enable closer supervision and greater specificity to your rehabilitation.
If you are not suffering any pain or injury and you have never done Pilates before, it is also advisable (but not essential) to attend an initial One2One Physio Pilates session.



 One2One Physio Pilates     
  €50   (45 minutes)
 6 x  One2One Physio Pilates Sessions
 €270 ( *classes are to be used within a two month period)


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