Our Class timetable

Our Yoga Classes are ongoing on a Tuesday evening. We run both beginners (6.30pm) and sports orientated (7.30pm) yoga classes. All equipment is supplied (Yoga mats, blacks and belts). We keep class sizes small (maximum 8 people per class) so that specific corrections can be made and to allow for enough space for the sequence of stretches and poses.

6:30pm - 7:30pm Yoga (Hatha Yoga Level 1 - Beginner Fundamentals of Yoga)

This class focuses on poses to stretch and strengthen the body. Emphasis is given to the basic alignment of the poses. This class is perfect for those with very little or no yoga experience. It will offer a balance of strength, flexibility, and endurance to challenge the student but will include gentle stretches and breathing as well as simple movements designed to systematically increase the range of motion of every major joint in the body and to increase energy levels. 

7:30pm - 8:30pm Sports Yoga (Hatha/Vinyasa Flow 
Level 1/2)

This flowing class combines aspects of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow to increase strength, stamina and flexibility. Also aiding the body to detoxify impurities, increase the metabolism, and focus the mind. The class includes centering and breathing techniques, limbering exercises, strengthening postures, and a relaxation to finish. This class is suitable for clients who have some experience of yoga or who have a high level of fitness. 

 Next 6 Week series begins  5 January 2015 (fee €60 for 6 weeks) and are ongoing (€12 pay as you go). Please ring or text (0852802877) to guarantee your place.

 (If you would like to join but have missed the start date then we can arrange One2One Pilates for you to catch up) 
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