Why Choose Us?


  • All our physiotherapists are fully Chartered & experienced Manual Therapists
  • We are committed to helping you recover from your injury quickly and in as few treatment sessions as possible
  • Our approach is very hands-on, using a variety of manual techniques as well as equipping you with a home exercise program to speed up your recovery 
  • Our treatment times last 45 minutes so you will have lots of time to explain your symptoms and receive a thorough assessment, treatment & rehabilitation program in every session 
  • Fast appointments – you will be offered an appointment the day you call or the next business day to ensure a speedy recovery 
  • We keep up to date with current research & new Physiotherapy techniques to ensure you receive the best available treatments 
  • Great location with ample free parking  
  • We have established good relationships with local G.P’s, Consultants & Specialists so if your injury needs referral for further investigations (e.g X-Ray, MRI, Blood Tests) we can help you. 
  • You can claim back some of your treatment costs through VHI, Quinn Healthcare, Aviva etc. 
  • You can always call us for some advice


Injured? Click here for an appointment or for some advice