What does a Physiotherapy Treatment involve and how long does it take?

An initial consultation and any follow up visits last 45 mins and involves our Chartered Physiotherapist asking a series of questions to learn about your problem. Based on these findings, our Physiotherapist will then ask you to perform certain movements to further diagnose the source and cause of your problem. During the initial assessment there is also time for some hands-on treatment to relieve your pain. You will also be prescribed some home exercises and given advice on how you can help speed up your recovery.


Do I need a Doctor’s referral for Physiotherapy?

No. You can call us directly if you are in pain and we can arrange an appointment without a referral. If we then think you need assessment by a G.P or Consultant we can advise you and help you with a referral.


What will I wear or do I need to bring anything?

Usually you don’t need to bring anything. However, if you have X-ray or MRI results it is a good idea to bring these so we can take a copy with your permission. It is also advisable to bring a pair of shorts if your area of pain or injury is in the lower limbs.


How much does a physio session cost?

Our Physiotherapy treatments cost €50 for a 45 minute session.


How many sessions will I need?

This is very much dependent on the type, duration and severity of your injury. At the end of your first appointment our Chartered Physiotherapists will discuss with you the estimated number of treatments required for your injury. As every patient is different and healing times vary, we will reassess at each visit. Of course it is always up to you whether you would like to continue with treatment, sometimes we will “see how you get on” and you can contact us if you need further treatment.


Can I claim on my health insurance?

Yes, all our Physiotherapists are Chartered so you can claim back some of your treatment costs if you have private health insurance. Just check your individual policy for details.


When will I get an appointment?

You will be offered your first appointment that day or the next business day after contacting us. Early treatment means a speedier recovery.


How can I pay?

We accept cash or cheque payments at Blackpool Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic. Payment must be made after each consultation. Receipts are given after each treatment session or at the end of a course of treatments for tax or health insurance companies.


What if I need to see a Specialist or require surgery?

We have established close relationships with local G.P’s, Consultants & Specialists so we can arrange a referral for you if you need one. We will help you decide the best course of action and advise you on possible outcomes etc. We can also advise you if you need referral for X-ray, MRI, Blood Tests etc.


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