Postural Assessment & Correction

When we maintain good posture, our spinal joints, ligaments and muscles are positioned optimally so they are under minimal stress. Maintaining this position reduces the likelihood of back or neck injury, which is vital in today's society where spinal and postural problems are all too common. Restoring correct posture helps those suffering from neck or back pain, by reducing stress on injured structures, thereby speeding up the healing process. Furthermore, this optimal spinal position enables your muscles to generate force more efficiently which improves performance in sporting or recreational activities.
Increasingly our lifestyles are contributing to postural dysfunction and general aches and pains; especially head, neck and shoulder problems in addition to low back and pelvic pain. With prolonged sitting and standing postures our deep ‘core’ and abdominal muscles become dysfunctional and we begin to overload the spine. People who are becoming increasingly vulnerable to poor posture and associated dysfunction are office workers, manual workers, people who drive or use computers for long periods of time. 
By improving postural awareness, flexibility, core control and strength a lot of our day-to-day aches and pains can be overcome or indeed avoided. Our Chartered Physiotherapists can assess your posture and identify areas that are tight and areas that are weak. We will then use manual therapy techniques to mobilise tight areas and show you specific exercises to strengthen areas that are weak and improve overall spinal health & flexibility. Physio Pilates & Physio Yoga are excellent ways to help you improve your body awareness and practice good posture. 
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