Joint Mobilisations and Manipulations

Our Chartered Physiotherapists use joint mobilisations & manipulations to restore mobility to joints and reduce pain and inflammation. The application of Manual Therapy is based upon a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, and is used following a careful assessment of your injury. Joint mobilisations & manipulations work to re-balance the musculoskeletal system, by improving joint flexibility and releasing pressure on muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments. 

Joint mobilisations are gentle, slow movements performed on joints to reduce pain and improve flexibility. They are particularly effective in treatment of spinal pain including lower back pain and neck pain. Joint mobilisations are graded depending on your injury and severity of pain.

Joint manipulations are high speed movements usually performed on the upper or lower back. It is safely performed to reduce pain and improve flexibility.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists will use these techniques in conjunction with other manual therapy techniques to relieve your pain. You will always be shown exercises to correct imbalances so that the joint pain and/or stiffness is less likely to return.


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