Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is the prescription of specific, individual exercises to help rehabilitate an injury.  Our Chartered Physiotherapists have advanced knowledge in assessing and treating ideal movement patterns and prescribing exercises that are specific to the nature and stage of your injury, as well as your individual needs and goals.
Exercise Therapy is included in most, if not all of our client’s treatment programs. The cornerstone of an effective exercise therapy program is core stability.  The function of local stability muscles is disrupted with the onset of pain and inflammation.  A patient must learn how to retrain these muscles, and then must learn to recruit these muscles as part of a functional movement pattern.  Through the course of the treatment program; strength, endurance, flexibility and motor control are progressed towards your required function in sport, work, and every day activities. 
Improvements in movement patterns are only possible with regular compliance with the Exercise Therapy program.  This means you need to do a little bit of work too!
Exercises prescribed by our Chartered Physiotherapists at Blackpool Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic incorporate a variety of techniques to improve motivation and compliance including Physio Yoga, Physio Pilates, Swiss Balls, Dumbbells, Theraband, Foam Rollers and Wobble Boards. Variety in movement is a fundamental component in recovery and avoiding future injury.
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