Flexibility Programs

Our Chartered Physiotherapists can provide a tailor made flexibility program depending on your needs. Flexibility training is perhaps the most undervalued component of health and well-being. Everyone can benefit from improving their flexibility. From an office worker to a rugby player, flexibility of the muscles and joints play an integral part in injury prevention.
In general terms, flexibility has been defined as the range of motion about a joint and its surrounding muscles during a passive movement. By increasing this joint range of motion, sporting performance may be enhanced and the risk of injury reduced. Of course, a more flexible athlete is a more mobile athlete. It allows enhanced movement around the court or field with greater ease and dexterity. Some other benefits may include an increase in body awareness and a promotion of relaxation in the muscle groups stretched - both of which may have positive implications for skill acquisition and performance.
Good flexibility also helps prevent aches and pains developing in muscles and joints due to poor postural habits (e.g slouching at your desk) or repetitive movements at work e.g neck & lower back pain due to repetitive bending movements.
As well as our flexibility programs we also run Physio Yoga Classes which incorporate whole body stretches and spinal awareness to improve overall flexibility & well being.
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