What to do if you have a Sports Injury

Severe pain, swelling and bruising are signs of serious injury and should be reviewed by a medical professional – a Doctor or a Chartered Physiotherapist. For mild aches and pains apply the PRICE principles in the initial stages. As soon as possible contact your Chartered Physiotherapist for advice and treatment.


             P - Protect – the injured area e.g use crutches, protective bracing if appropriate
             R - Rest – the damaged area to avoid further injury
             I -  Ice – the injured area for 5-10 minutes regularly within the first 48-72 hours to
                          minimise bleeding to damaged tissues and to reduce pain
             C - Compress – the injured area to resolve swelling and aid recovery e.g tubigrip
             E -  Elevate – the injured area to prevent the accumulation of fluid
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