Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9.30-10.30 Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
10.30-11.30 Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
1pm – 2pm Lunchtime Pilates – Mixed Levels
3.30-4.30pm Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
4-5pm Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
6pm – 7pm Pilates -Intermediate/ Advanced Pilates -Beginners Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
7.00 – 8.00pm Pilates – Antenatal Pilates – Improvers Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
8.00- 9.00pm Pilates – Beginners

Class Descriptions

Pilates – Beginners

This is the foundation course for all our Pilates classes. It is suitable for those who are new to Pilates and for anyone who has low back pain, neck pain or recent surgery/injury. It introduces the core principles of Pilates. Pilates movements which are modified to a sufficient level to suit beginners of all ages and abilities. You will improve your postural awarenss, spinal control and strength and flexibility. Mats & all equipment are provided.

Pilates – Improvers

This class introduces more challenging Pilates Matwork exercises to further improve your core strength and targets the abdominals, thighs, buttocks and upper limbs.  You will build on the core foundation & Pilates principles you have learned in your Beginners class.

Pilates – Intermediate/Advanced

This class is quite challenging and an excellent way to achieve a full body work out while still working on the main Pilates principles of alignment, posture, control and breathing. You will need to have completed a 6 week block of the improver level class before joining the advanced class.

Small Group Classes

Small group classes can be organised and can be ideal for work places or sports groups to accomodate for time, ability and level of those involved.

Please contact reception (0852802877) to find out more information.

Reformer Classes

These class is performed on equipment such as Reformer and Trapeze Tables. One to one session is recomended before joining the class to ensure identification of underlying sporting/musulcoskeletal injuries/issues, familiarisation with the equipment and the exercise technique.

All Classes are taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist