Some common Thigh injuries we treat include:

  • Hamstring Strain

  • Quadriceps Strain

  • Quadriceps Contusion (Dead Leg)

  • Myositis Ossificans

  • Referred Pain (Thigh)

Directions from Mallow

At Blackpool Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we are passionate about delivering a high-quality physiotherapy service. Our team of Physiotherapists all have extended years of experience (over ten) and/or have earned Masters level qualification in a specialised area of physio. This advanced knowledge along with distinct practical skills ensures all our Physiotherapists provide an excellent standard of care in the examination, treatment and management of your physiotherapy needs. The clinic has built a strong reputation with direct referrals from local GPs, specialists and the local community (word of mouth).

Continuous professional development is a key element in our approach. Our Physiotherapists are dedicated and pursue professional development opportunities. We partake in regular in-service training & attendance at courses nationally & internationally. This ensures our team of Physiotherapists are kept up to speed with the latest thinking and developments in Physiotherapy today. As a team, we focus on implementing new research ideas and guidelines into your management and care.

From the outset, the team at Blackpool Physiotherapy & Sports injury Clinic has worked to develop a quality physiotherapy service. We are known to provide expert physiotherapy care, pragmatic approach to rehabilitation, hands on treatment, and a friendly yet professional team.

Our primary concern is your health & well-being. We aim to achieve this by providing a professional yet friendly environment based on strong communication, education and our patient centred approach. We put you at the heart of everything we do. Practically we offer extended opening hours to ensure you can fit any appointments conveniently into your day. We understand the need to thoroughly assess, treat and plan when you present for physiotherapy. We offer longer treatment times (45 minutes) to ensure adequate time is given. Our physiotherapists try and adapt pragmatic approaches to your management. Our clinic is purposely designed with private consulting rooms.  Our clinic tries to accommodate your physiotherapy needs by offering both private treatment sessions and group exercise classes (in our fully equipped Pilates studio) in one location. This offers a co-ordinated approach to your care, between your treating physiotherapist and our physiotherapists that instruct classes. Our practice continues to evolve with your needs.