I have been attending Blackpool Physio for many years.   Ann is an excellent physio and does not keep bringing you back unnecessarily.  After a few hands on treatments and dry needling it always works.


I attended Blackpool Physio in January 2019 with acute back pain. I got an appointment very quickly and the physio treatment was superb. After a number of sessions and rehabilitation exercise programme, I ran my first half marathon in September 2019.


Super Efficient staff and the “Lisas” at reception always fit me in.


I attended Blackpool Physio during my pregnancy with lower back pain. I found the sessions really brilliant and got super relief from them.


I attended Blackpool Physio for the first time after knee surgery. The Physio staff were very friendly and put me at ease right away. Huge success after my treatments and I am back walking at ease again.


I suffer hugely with arthritis in my knees and Jesse is the only one that can give me relief. After years of going to different Physio therapists elsewhere, I struck gold when I found Jesse. Excellent Clinic also and always very accommodating.


I always get a sports massage here after races. A real treat.


I find Sarah fabulous at what she does and she is such a nice and warm person. I look forward to my sessions with her and feel so much better after our sessions.