What is persistent pain?

At Blackpool Physiotherapy Clinic, we regularly see people who describe their pain as ‘chronic’. A lot of people think this is bad or severe pain but it really means pain that goes on longer then we expect it to. Chronic or persistent pain is pain that lasts longer than normal healing time. It does not mean ongoing damage even though it may feel like that. In the clinic, we regularly meet people who are frustrated, anxious and have lost hope because of the continuous pain they experience. “Coping with pain” or “feeling you’ve developed a high tolerance for pain” takes strength but often we see it leaves people debilatated, feeling isolated from others and suffering in silence.

What is pain management?

Up to one in eight people in Ireland are found to suffer with some form of persistent pain. The sheer number of people affected by this condition shows you are not alone! Many of these live with some form of symptoms 24/7. At Blackpool physiotherapy clinic when we meet people with persistent pain we often find their pain is unpredictable and pain has taken control of what they can do and how they feel. At Blackpool Physiotherapy Clinic, our experienced Physiotherapists are here to help. We simplify and take a pragmatic approach to the best and current pain science and research to help you best understand what might help you to move forward. We have helped many people to feel more confident to move, gain a better understanding of their pain and learn new techniques for managing their pain.

Here are some resources that others with persistent pain have found insightful. Please take your time to have a look and please feel free to contact our Chartered Physiotherapists with any questions you may have.