Everyone can run, can’t they? You really don’t need anything else to help? Many people still think this way.  Running is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy. It helps clear your mind and keep body weight down. Unfortunately, it often can come hand in hand with injuries which can really slow you down and lead to frustrations, both physically and mentally. Up to 70% of regular runners will pick up an injury in a year that will stop them from running more than two weeks.

At Blackpool Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we work with all levels of runners; from elite and competitive runners, to those starting out on a 0-5km programme and many who run regularly as part of their overall fitness regime. Most running related injuries we see in the Clinic can be broadly classified into training issues (e.g. someone starting to run for the first time or training for a marathon) or performance (e.g. increase focus on speed sessions, preparing or recovering from events/competitions).

The top running issues we see regularly include:

  • Tendinopathies; Achilles, plantar fascia, patellofemeral, hamstring, gluteal.
  • Patellofemoral pain
  • ‘Shin splints’
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  • Calf and hamstring strains
  • Back and Buttock pain