Our Yoga Instructor

Sarah Fox 


Sarah Fox (BSc, RYT) is a proud graduate of Yoga Diploma Teacher Training in Cork City and is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher. Sarah has a background in Holistic Health. She is trained in many holistic therapies, holds an honours level degree in Herbal Science and is a practitioner of Clinical Medical Herbalism. She has been teaching yoga since 2011 and is also now a tutor with Yoga Diploma Teacher Training. Over the years Sarah has strived to continue to deepen her knowledge, studying Yoga all over the world. She has been blessed to experience some amazing and distinguished teachers such as Swami Shantimurti Saraswati and Andrei Ram Om. Sarah teaches many styles of Yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. 

 Sarah believes that Yoga is for beneficial for everyone and that the benefits of the practice, including mindfulness, equanimity, peace and balance, will seep in to every aspect of your life. For Sarah, yoga and well-being are a way of life that she wants to share with you in her teaching. Her classes can range from the strong flowing sequences of Vinyasa flow to slow and meditative Hatha yoga. Each class will have a strong focus on precise alignment and safety in postures, meditation, pranayama and the philosophical aspects of yoga, all while maintaining the grace and joy of  the yoga practice. Her intention is to inspire you to practice yoga on and off the yoga mat, so you can live your life with more health and happiness.



ॐ Sarah (oṃkāra ओंकार)

Everything on earth has a purpose, every disease a herb to cure it, and every person; a mission.


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